‘What Larks’ is a French association that has been born as a result of a sort of wager... From one side came, ‘I bet there’s an English-speaking audience living in the Vaucluse, who’d support a new theatre group dedicated to its entertainment...’ ‘Bet there isn’t!’ came the response from the other camp...

So the only way to prove the point one way or the other is by getting on with it rather than gambling in the dark. Our aim is to present plays including some premiere performances – which included our first production, Three Weeks in May. Primarily the works will be in English for our particular audience and presented ‘out of season’ so they don’t clash with existing festivals and long summer evening dinners with chums.

If successful, we’ll let What Larks grow organically and invite our audiences to join us as members of the association, thereby becoming more involved in the routes to be taken – routes that will focus on fun and a touch of education (which positively has to be fun too).

Our hope is that everyone – prospective members and future talent – will adhere to Joe Gargery’s tenet in Great Expectations when famously he predicted good times ahead with, ‘What larks, we’ll have, Pip.’ So keep us in mind and support our activities as an audience – tell us what you’d like to see, where and when… Or tell us if you might be interested in using or developing your talents be they behind the scenes, on the stage or creating from a word processor... Sets; costumes; lighting; sound and visual mixing and editing; writing and performing…

Today we have the wherewithal to develop the art of storytelling in a mixture of different media – why not come and share the experience of making something new and surprising…?

As we grow, we must spread our wings and offer innovative work on as wide a canvas as is possible in a variety of different venues…

With a following wind, we have a ‘road show’ in the making...

Any bets?

Christopher Neame, Provence 2009


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